Wednesday, November 19th (part 1)

Two frogs were asked if they were lying. They almost got away with it, but the one croaked.

I have a high fidelity phone – it can only call my wife’s number.

At a job interview, I decided to lie and say I had experience as an illusionist and as a window cleaner. They saw right through me.

Last night I ate Middle Eastern food, and this morning I falafel.

Did you hear about the father that was difficult to see? He was transparent.

Wife to husband, “That was an explosive passage of gas, I’d say about 8.0 on the sphincter scale.”

It’s amazing what two or more sinners can achieve together with synergy.

A student drove himself so hard that he missed the learning curve.

Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

Step ladder

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