Wednesday, October 29th

The high school music teacher was quite controversial. He told his students to read band books.

In ancient Egypt, papyrus farmers taught people the importance of reeding.

When his wife demanded that he give up polo, he decided to chukker.

With copper unavailable, continued operation of the mint would make no cents.

I gave my stressed out feline too much elixir. Now it’s catatonic.

Crane drivers have uplifting pick-up lines.

What’s the worst thing about throwing a party in space? You have to Planet.

A frog robbed a bank. It was the first time it Kermited a crime.

How fast does a pirate ship accelerate? 3.14m/s/s (pi rate)

A hangman will always keep you in the loop.

The surgeon really did not know how to perform quick surgeries on insects, but he did one on the fly.

Those who live beyond their means should act their wage.

To kill a circus in one blow, go for the juggler.

His surgeon wanted to give him a free lobotomy saying, “think nothing of it”.

Two friends took ropes to school so that they could skip out.

koalifications koala bear

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